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Having been raised in the 24th ward, going to school, raising my own family, and being a businessman for 29 years in the 24th ward; I see the way my community is suffering and the disinvestment of my neighborhood. We are living in a food desert, with poor public transportation, and a lack of reliable housing and jobs. We need more. I want to be an advocate.

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Creative Scott is a community leader, public servant, and lifelong resident of the 24th Ward. As a proud Chicagoan, Scott is a graduate of CPS. He lives in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood. Creative prides himself on being a caring and responsive Business member. He and his team are constantly out in the community connecting with neighbors and addressing concerns in the community. Whether it’s the elderly assisted living residents, Aids House, Community bbq, or the local Annual Toy drives 24th ward. Creative Scott has been an instrumental voice of change in the Lawndale community. But in order to see actual results the 24th Ward. Let’s help him make a change: to Tax incentives, Violence prevention / Public Safety, Access to adult education, and Increased developmental programs to insure Business, Economic, and Residential growth happens in the 24th ward.

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A strong economic plan requires experience

As a business owner over the last 29 years, I have both witnessed and experienced economic structure within the 24th ward. This allows me insight into what is needed to see real change in the 24th Ward.

Tried and Proven Incentive Programs

Incentive programs that have assisted residents in obtaining job skills; such as my barber training program which has allowed students to become licensed. In addition to my public safety instructor courses, both have led to success in bolstering individuals gaining the necessary tools to operate productive businesses.

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